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The history of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day began long time ago and is related to a priest Saint Valentine of Rome.

Saint Valentine was imprisoned in Rome for illegally marrying young soldiers to their loves despite the fact they were forbidden to marry by the state. The Roman Emperor believed that once married, men made terrible soldiers and as a result put a ban on marriage.

According to the legend, Saint Valentine healed his jailer’s blind daughter during his imprisonment. It is thought that just before Valentine’s execution he wrote her a farewell letter and signed it with ‘Your Valentine’. As a result, the Roman Saint Valentine is celebrated once a year due to his firm belief in love.

Valentine’s Day was first celebrated as it is today – as a day of romantic love.

From the 18th century, the day flourished and soon became one whereby lovers would celebrate their love for one another by presenting flowers and gifts.

Whilst during the 18th century all Valentine’s Day cards were handmade and written – now they have become mass produced as a Hallmark holiday.

It also grew into celebration of the friendship between good friends.

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